Copier Scanner Montgomery County

The No-Lease Lease Copier Rental Program for Maryland and Washington D.C.

Introducing the Copier Scanner “No-lease lease”!

An affordable and safer alternative to outright leasing.

The “No-lease lease” Copier Rental and Copier Scanner Rental program is now available in Montgomery County

Don’t want to commit to a brand new 60 month copier lease?

Get everything you would from a lease without a commitment!

Copier Rental and Copier Scanner Rentals come with:

High speed Black and White & colour Printing and Scanning
High Speed Black and White & colour Scanning
Double Sided Black and White & color Copying and Printing
Automatic Feeder
2 Paper Trays Plus a Bypass Tray for Card stock
Available options: Fax, Stapling, three-hole Punch, Folding

Frequently Asked Questions:[pi_image id=pi_1361474426 align=right]

Q: What’s included?
A. All parts, all labor, and all supplies (no paper)

Q: What is the minimum time that I will have to rent?
A. 30 day minimum. Cancel anytime after that.

Q: What options are available?
A. Fax, Sorting, Stapling, Three-Hole Punch, Booklet Folding

Q: Which cities do you serve?
A. Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia

Q: Will you hook the copier scanner into our network and maintain all the I.T. setup?
A: Yes!

Q: Interested?
A. Complete the fast No-Lease Lease Copier Rental form below.

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